This is a very important video, especially since the 2016 election is upon us and neither candidate has PROPERLY addressed African American issues. And now President Obama has asked us to trust in him and vote for the candidaate he has chosen to be the next President of the United States. So the “Woman To Woman” group is asking President Obama to solidify his trust in the African American people by giving them three things

  1. A connection to their ancient history
  2. A NGO for the African American people that’s  built by the African American people
  3. And to correct the police improper use of “Justifiable Homicide”,

which is not a hell of a lot to ask for considering the years of systematic racial inequality African Americans have endured.

But there is also a really telling element in this Woman-To-Woman video. They remind the African American people, a higher percentage of African Americans than whites voted in the presidential election for the first time in history, during the election between President Obama and nominee Mitt Romney. Now pay close attention to this statistic, because this alone dispels the myth that African Americans are only 12-15 percent of the American population. So could this be the reason for the casual killings of African Americans, under the term “Justifiable Homicide”?

Screenshot_8_22_16__10_51_AM.png They also ask that you CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE on  your social media pages to the black and gold  “VOTE SUSPEMDED” poster to show our solitarity, while we wait to  hear from President Obama. So watch the video. It’s worth it.





  1. There’s so many misspelled words in this post, I get your point I’m just informing you next time proofread it before publishing it.

  2. We refuse to conform for others to feel comfortable. Who cares about the spelling?? Did you understand the message??

  3. First of all, President Obama is president of all Americans. He can’t just serve the needs of Black Americans.
    I have no problem with strength ingredients our economic power. I have supported a black bank & credit union.
    3rdly, you are wrong about the vote. I feel if You never voted before you need to VOTE NOW.
    Thank you for your opinion, but I truly think you are being misguided.
    I disagree with you!

    1. Thank you for breaking it down. I am voting and have a daughter that just turned 18 and the first thing I mentioned was voters registration forms.
      We need to teach our youths that voting is important for African Americans.
      Not giving us voting rights has always been there plan. Now we should just give up the Martin Luther King holiday.

  4. I think this is about the most ignorant nonsense I’ve heard. We fought for this right now you want us to not exorcise it, in the most temper tantrum like way…. stop it!

  5. Thanks S MCINNIS. I wasn’t aware of the misspelled words in this post at the time. I was under a major time constraint and getting this video out was important. I know that spelling inconsistencies can push some away from the point and that is not the intent. But I do hope you got the message, which is that suspending our vote is not giving up our right, but learning to us voting as a tool of power and that the black vote is the most powerful vote in America. Withholding is only one way to use that tool to our advantage. We can be our own lobbyists.

  6. You are correct DEIDRE MERCER. President Obama like all other POTUS is president of all Americans. However, other American ethnic groups recive far more recognition as viable Americans than the Africam American people. This is a known fact. If this were not true this video would be moot. You are also right that he can’t just serve the needs of Black Americans, but it would be fare to include our important needs. The ones listed are fare and accurate to our issues. Just as the Jews, who ask that he serve their needs and he does.. Because they feel their needs are special.

  7. He cannot do it all by himself. Don’t you understand we hav president and a congress. Hold your vote and allow three more Trump votes to count.

  8. I’m sure that none of you people whatever want to remain with an abusive spouse or husband. This system has abused us for centuries, and here we go again begging and humbling ourselves. Expecting I promise to be kept buy a system that was put here for the sole purpose of destroying you. Maybe you should do a little bit more research to find out exactly who you are and what you are. Because your sure not a negro not or a African American. you should read the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28. The American so-called negro are the only people that fit that prophecy. Mike Brown out of time

  9. Great Job. In Explaining your actions of unity. Black people live in FEAR. Trump is being used as a boogeyman. We need collective bargaining for our vote. Trump and Hillary BOTH SHOULD BE IN A JAIL SOMEWHERE. SO why not donate this vote towards a new approach. Unity and group operation.

  10. Don’t fall for it! First, the presidential candidates may head the tickets in November, but they are *not* the only candidates running. There will be a slate of local and state candidates on that ticket. If you refuse to vote guess who wins!?! And this will affect you/us far faster, far longer and with a greater impact that who wins the top slot. Not this time……#Wevoting #Seeyouatthepolls!

  11. We have two choices: 1) Vote for the lesser of two evils, Hiillary. 2)Suspend our vote altogether which would just put Trump in office…which would cause us to make two more choices! Fight in the revolution or stay inside and watch it on TV with chicken hanging from our mouths (The Last Poets -1970- Niggaz Are Scared Of Revolution) YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT IT!! :-l

  12. Listen people the 1st and 2nd request make sense but the 3rd request will directly impact us especially at the state and local levels. I’m absolutely certain that the state and local elections is where institutional racism is most powerful. Why? This is where judges, sheriffs, DA’s etc are placed into positions of decision making especially in our communities. But the normal trend of thought is that the national election is where we can affect most change. This is false!! The position of POTUS is on a federal level where he or she is limited and constrained by the actions of Congress. Yes – they may have some power by executive order but this limited and can be wiped away by a stroke of the pen from the next POTUS. Because we did not vote and turnout was low in the midterm elections in 2010 the so called “Tea Party” got in and swore to obstruct everything that our POTUS wanted to do. Also they gerrymandered the districts in such away that favored their reelection in spite of turnout. That’s why democrats have not been able to reclaim Congress in 2012 and 2014. VOTING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND IF YOU WANT TO REFOCUS OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORT LETS MAKE SURE THAT WE SHOW UP DURING ALL MIDTERM ELECTIONS AND VOTE FOR JUDGES, DA’s, AND SHERIFFS ETC THAT HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OF OUR COMMUNITIES IN MIND. WHOEVER MADE THIS VIDEO PLEASE RETHINK THAT CLEARLY AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE DISEMINATION OF POWER IN THE GOVERNMENTAL HIERARCHY. WE MUST VOTE – IT ABSOLUTELY MATTERS!!!!!!

    1. I CERTAINLY AGREE WITH THE LOCAL LEVEL OF THE ELECTION. BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE WE CAN VOTE IN OFFICE THE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY LIVE IN AND AROUND OUR COMMUNITY. AS FAR AS THE POTUS IS CONCERN THEY ARE NOT VOTED IN THEY ARE CHOOSE BEFORE BY THE STATUS QUO & THE ELECTORS VOTE NOT BY WE THE PEOPLE. IF YOU GO BACK IN HISTORY OF THE BLOODLINE THE ARE ALL RELATED TO THE BUSHES AND THE CLINTON’S INCLUDING OBAMA. IT’S ONLY BEEN ABOUT 50 OR SO YEARS THAT OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT TO BE A PART OF THIS MESSED UP VOTING SYSTEM HOW FAR HAVE WE GOTTEN AS A PEOPLE FOR EXERCISING THAT RIGHT WHAT HAVE WE GOT SINCE WE WERE ABLE TO VOTE, I’LL WAIT…….NOW I WILL TELL YOU NOT A DAMN THING. SURE SOME INDIVIDUALS WAS ABLE TO SUCCEED BUT WHAT ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE AS A PEOPLE. WE OWN NOTHING, WE ARE GOOD MENTAL SLAVES BECAUSE THEY GOT US HANGING ON SO HARD FOR A CHANCE TO VOTE WHEN THEY HAVE NEVER GIVEN US ANYTHING. THE REASON WHY SOME OF US ARE SO STUCK ON STUPID IS BECAUSE THEY WAS TO GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. THIS CORPORATION IS NOT A COUNTRY FIRST OFF AND THEY HAVE NEVER GIVEN A DAMN ABOUT US. AND SPEAKING OF THIS CORPORATION THE ONLY CONTROL THEY HAVE IS THE 10 SQUARE MILE IN WASHINGTON D.C. WE ARE UNDER STATUTORY LAW/ADMIRALTY(11TH AMEND) WHEN WE SHOULD BE UNDER COMMON LAW(ART3 subsection 1-2) De Jure is what our government should be but our government is De Facto. Original: General United States of America in the Family of Nations v/s The Administrative Government of the United States in the United States. We are suppose to be qualified voter not registered voter they have extended that to us as a privilege not a right. I have done extensive research and I a sure you that it don’t matter who or if we vote but not on the National level. But where we are able to make a difference to our daily lives is get out and vote these judges, sheriff, police chief’s, the city council, school board in and out of office if they are not doing what they are suppose to do. These are the people that effect our lives on the regular. I’m with the elder they do not deserve my vote.

  13. VOTE FOR THE LESSER OF EVILS, IS STILL A VOTE FOR EVIL, CAN YOU AMEN THIS?? HELLOOOO! Another candidate, or two is in the race, you know? Really, did you know that?

  14. This lesser of two evils argument is meaningless and proof that one doesn’t know the issues nor have they listened to what Trump is talking about. Like opposition to TPP and being against illegal immigration — these two issues benefit Black America, economically.

    1. @ KATHLEEN WELLS. I just moved from Georgia where Blacks who had government jobs have been replaced with Hispanic workers. Now I live in the greater Los Angeles erea and I have found the ratio of African American to Hispanic workers are at least 100 Hispanic to every 1 (one) African American worker, from street jobs to banks. Sure! More jobs have been created during Obama’s presidency. However, most of these jobs are not going to African Americans. I not only think, but I really understand that “Trump’s position on illegal immigration benefits Black America economically”. We are far greater in number that 15% of this population, and for the Democrats, that’s a problem. And you are right about the people of color comment.

  15. The voting statistic mentioned for 2010 was percentage of registered voters In Each Race, not nationwide. “Out of some hundred million Whites, forty-five million voted. Out of some twenty-five million Blacks, fifteen million voted.” would be an approximate and conforming statement to the type of statistic that was cited. The percentages would read, sixty percent of Blacks voted, and forty-five percent of Whites voted. The Black percentage is highest, but the total number remains significantly lower. On the three points, these are things to be achieved by dedicated black citizens, looking out for our own, regardless of who’s president! So, vote your conscious, from top to bottom, on your ballot on Election Day, in just the minimum of your being part of the solution.

  16. In actuality, it’s the progressives deciding not to vote for Hilary that hold the power in this presidential election.

    Anyone who receives attention holds power over the interests of those giving them attention.

    Right now the Democratic Party is giving all of their attention to the Demexiting progressives, in an effort to try and sway them to vote for Hilary by using a narrative that suggests Demexting progressives will be the cause of a Trump presidency.

    “Vote for Hilary or Trump becomes President.”

    My background in marketing/psychology gives me quite a bit of perspective when it comes to narratives; and lets me know that this “not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump” narrative can be comepletely reversed – because those who hold attention always hold power.

    Progressives hell bent on #demexit in support of the Green Party candidate can force progressive Hilary supporters to #demexit. Current polls show that Trump is neck to neck with Hilary when it comes to securing enough votes for the Whitehouse. This alone means there’s no true reason to vote for her. People leaving the Democratic Party for the Green Party can use the strength and momentum of their movement to force other progressive Democrats’ hands in migrating to the Green Party this election by twisting the same fear-based argument Hilary supporters are using into:

    “There’s no stopping #Demexit. Go Green or Trump becomes president.”
    43 million votes will help the Green Party candidate to secure the presidency in a 3 party race. This is completely doable. A Green Party presidency is absolutely realistic; especially with over 40% of the US population being Independent voters.
    It’s time for the US to leave the 2 party system for one of multiple parties to slow and/or disrupt the infiltration of political parties by corporate interests.

    A prediction… I’m pretty sure one of the tactics that will be used to try and prevent Bernie Sanders supporters from voting for the Green Party candidate will be to encourage them to “write in Bernie’s name,” which will ultimately assist in progressives part of the Demexit movement relinquishing their voting power.

    Also be mindful of the possibilities of this coming presidential election being rigged in ways similar to the DNC primaries with a particular focus to hold back 3rd parties. Investigative actions should probably be taken now to see what kind of corruption has and is being planned as we speak for the Presidential Election.

  17. America is offset by having a Black President in the first place. Who didn’t observe the last 8 year’s and get it. I hope you assimilate that OPPRESSION is real.

    We already have America on the hinge, so why hand your vote over to Trump ? I would perfer continue to weaken the Republicans by keeping them out period.

    Who can’t see the game..

    How is it voting change by voting REPUBLICAN that’s an oxymoron or its oxymoronic to vote for Donald Trump for 4 years.

    Trying to forge the other party interest that is the Independent’s their parties never prevail into a President, don’t waste your vote over there.

    Voting for Hillary isn’t more of the same either..

    Phenomenally people such as Donald hasn’t helped one Black person, because people such as Black people around him already helped themselves he didn’t put them where they are they’d work themselves into those positions.,

    And they’re few very few of our people close in to the Republican party our people walked out on those charlatan back in the 60’s..

    I would continue to vote through popular parties Democratic vs Republican.
    Suspending your vote goes against what we fought for. I know y’all are tired of the fight however there is a supreme process.

    You can sit here and argue, but come November somebody has got to be President, and I’m hoping that our Black people aren’t so techno that they’ve forgotten the past. I’m hoping they’re not convinced that thing have changed for our people so much, that the impact of being ex or former slaves is years gone.

    I don’t know, but I do remember that people were tired back then too, and the few strides that were made kinda created some neo Black folks who feels there isn’t a struggle ahead still.

    Suspending my vote is too expensive a price to pay, it renders a white flag to the opponents that I have given up. It’s a sure sign that I have turned away from the struggle to win..

    Voting is about self interest, and they’re only a couple million Black folks in position around Donald Trump and he’s having to be schooled too be a President.

    I remember what freedom school felt like back in the days, and Trump isn’t going to give Black people anymore freedom, education, jobs, help..NO

    Vote your conscientious make sure you research. Don’t judge remember people make errors, or mistakes,, also its better to have dealt with people in their jobs whose already made a few errors and can fix them, than handing over the keys to my few freedom to someone who can’t navigate or never flew inside the political arena.

  18. I will vote Green Party they call for preparations and ending the war on drugs among other important helpful issues like healthcare, housing, education and environmental issues the other parties don’t represent our best interest… p.s. English is not our language the red white and blue has terrorized the planet…

  19. A vote for Clinton or Trump could be a vote to send yourself to hell. This life is not about whether you are black or white this life is about whether you are good or evil. God created this world to see who is best in good conduct so He will know to whom to give His best rewards to in heaven or His worse punishment to in hell. I believe this election is just a test from God to see who will support someone who is evil for his or her own reasons. God has power over everything and anyone who obey God will be blessed to be successful and happy in this life, and He will bless them to be of those who will enjoy the paradise that will last forever in the next life. However, to be considered a righteous person by God you can’t support anyone who is unrighteous or take an unrighteous person as a friend. Does anyone believe that Clinton or Trump are righteous God fearing people? If you’re not successful in your life could it be that you are worshipping something other than God, the Creator?
    Alan Dean Artist

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