All About It

A Bit of History

All throughout American history the Anglo-American and “Ethnic White” enslavers have done their very best to put a STOP to all important communication between us-the so-called Negro and their offspring. In their openly nefarious attempts to make laws that would prevent us from speaking to each other, they in many ways, brought us together,. For example, their Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws brought us together as a unified front to our communities, our neighborhoods and our churches to discuss strategy and application of our goals for equality. However, the offspring of the Anglo-American and “Ethnic White” devised a most crafty and nefarious of laws with H. S. Truman’s executive order, because it seemed necessary to desegregate the armed forces. But under the guise of creating freedoms this law of “Racial Integration” became an essential tool to segregating not only our mouths, and our thoughts but ultimately our collective actions as a people via dissemination.

A Bit of Knowledge

Marty Favor, Professor of English and African and African studies posted: “Slave codes often banned gatherings of African Americans on the presumption that the only thing that Black people really wanted to talk about was rebelling against their oppression”. He goes on to state, “Words of freedom coming from Black mouths must be a threat to the Republic and a threat to white life and property”.

Good Places to Start Talking

Greet one another on the street or in a public building. Speak to one another on the bus . Bring up our issues for discussion. Talk about viable solutions with your friends. Talk to our youth about their future. Tell them you love then and that you are in their corner.

Let not this Blog be an empty cause.