A Bit of History

Every since Columbus, in his hidden ethnicity to imposter the Italian and “Ethnic White”, his descendants have done their very best to put a STOP to all social and political  communication between and within, the Copper Colored so-called Negro and their offspring about their Aboriginal bloodline and heritage.. The openly nefarious attempts to construct laws, orders and institutions temporarily prevented us from carrying our oral history. in our physical exteriors.

However, we have survived many social and political constructs intended to commit acts of genocide in whole and in part by denaturing our innate connected trinities with enacted laws by the likes of Robert Plecker, Black Codes and Jim Crow.  Still, we gathered as a unified people in our communities, our neighborhoods and the churches to discuss strategies and application toward  our future goals.

However, politicians who maintain the U. S. government devised a most crafty and nefarious of all their laws with H. S. Truman’s executive order to desegregate the armed forces. This mandate was constructed under the guise of creating equality between so-called Whites and Blacks  but in turn  was employed to push the unfairness of “Racial Integration” which became an essential tool to segregating not only our mouths, and our thoughts but ultimately our collective actions as a people via dissemination.

A Bit of Knowledge

Marty Favor, Professor of English and African and African studies posted: “Slave codes often banned gatherings of African-Americans on the presumption that the only thing that Black people really wanted to talk about was rebelling against their oppression”. He goes on to state, “Words of freedom coming from Black mouths must be a threat to the Republic and a threat to white life and property”.

 New News

But now our interconnection with our Universal DNA has brought us back together! And the  Information Age of our era has brought dramatic new options for the offspring of the Americas original peoples; and with it, an Information revolution.

Finally! The so-called African American has found a sustainable voice in their original American status where everyday, more and more Copper-Colored Americans take the initiative to speak the truth and spread the news about “Who we are-Where we are- and Why we are here”. Suffice-it-to-say, these words are no longer a cry for freedom coming from mouths of Black folk”, but instead, a declaration of existentialism from the mouths of the autochthonous.

Continuing Discourse

For the past several hundred years Public Discoursefor us was cut off causing fear anxiety and uncertainty within our communities.  We began to seek solace through the social integration of a counter culture of politically correctness and get-on-board fads. Over time the trust between us began to suffer as we were separated from our innate communal ties, which caused us to seek solidarity among other nations who could only relate to us as un-unified Niggahs.

Now that The U. S, has constructed is own uncertain about the future, we need Public Discourse between us now more than ever before to secure our own. Thats why this website will continue to be a beacon of truth and a medium for those who want to think about how to design a prosperous future for the real America. 

Lets come back together to live with one another and thrive..