Copper Colored American: You are out of code. Keep your penis where it belongs.

Our original people, also known as the Copper Colored Aboriginals are taking part in their own Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing as a nation when they mate with mankind. Some would call that concept racist, but race however, is nothing more than a construct of man not of nature, and therefore it cannot apply to this reason. Our codes are different as mankind’s codes are set against the nature of the planet and the origins of life. There codes a set to destroy life and replace it with life forms. That’s why the penis and the seed of an aboriginal seed bearer should not enter into mankind because it brings death to the Aboriginal Nation. This death can be seen in Australia where the original people have been White’d almost unto death and the lands are suffering because of it. This video gives an example of how our reproductive code works. We must not work against our own life nor the life of our offspring.





the Hindsight project has been in existence for more than twenty years, and operational for more than fifteen. Our main work has always been to research and reconnect the pre-Columbus and modern stories of the so-called African American Peoples to their identity and ancestry. In fact it says so on our website.

I assumed that our research would surely lead us back to Africa. After all our American History textbooks told-me-so. In fact, they still do. However, what our organization did find is that the greater majority of the so-called Black people were here long before Columbus and the proverbial “Slave Trade” Ideology, where from about 1518 to the mid-19th century, millions of African men, women, and children made the 21-to-90-day voyage in grossly overcrowded sardine cans.

Our findings were exciting! So I figured that of all the people in the world, the disenfranchised so-called Black and African American would be happy to know that we have a name-that we are indeed a nation, and that we are in fact, so much more than a byword-a hiss-and something to be hated by all mankind. BUT! I did not expect the verbal pushback I received from Black people. I was surely taken aback and most of all saddened; as their response to this good news revealed their comfort in being cast in the role as people who were birthed out chains. Many responders answered with words like, “Black people always wanna be more than they are”. Wow! That statement in itself speaks volumes about how they identify through the eyes of self-hatered. But I won’t go into that in this article. One young lady responded with, “You have to be careful ’cause we don’t wanna displace the natives.”  “Soooo” I thought to myself,  “in other words, if we should ever have to choose between us and them, we lose”? Her response was definitely a sign that she believes all life supersedes ours. However, I will save my commentary on that issue for a different article also.

But! I must’ tell you; responses like those didn’t give me much trust in the collective  that I so desperately longed for. And after the fiasco with some of the members of the Wayne State University Chapter I decided to table our findings and let some other activist break the ground and pave the way for our “right to exist”. But if you know me at all, then you know that that decision didn’t last very long. Because when Ray Hall (a member of the Hindsight Project) called to inform me of the Racial Healing event at Wayne Sate University his excitement to push back gave me incentive to go and raise my voice. I am glad I did.

What you will hear in this short video is some info about our organization and a short lead into what the Racial Healing event  was about. After that I give a one-minute introduction to the Copper Colored Aboriginals and our right to self identify. I am so glad I did because I learned something that night. I learned a very valuable lesson. which is,  I got to stop listening to “Black” people.

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A Message To The American Negro: The real reason for closing Detroit Public Schools!

If you are concerned about the closing of 25 Detroit Public Schools, let the three ladies in this video tell you why you should be. They are not prophets. No! But they are seers. How do I know?  I know because they have done what every man and woman of indigenous ascension should be compelled to do-that is, to REMEMBER. Remember our past relationship with an on-going faltering education system. A system that strategically displace and shuffle indigenous children around at will-like pawns on a chess board in favor of the queen; or even worse, like street whores forced to perform on a corner that best fit the needs of their greedy heartless pimp.

But I remember, back in the 50’s and 60’s when the public school curriculum was plentiful for the Negro. Back when we could choose a major and study in it for college. We were offered orchestra, concert choir and glee club. We had home economics with a fully staffed kitchen and sewing room with Singer sewing machines. We had an Olympic size pool, a competitive swim team and swim meets. Yes Negros could swim. We had ballet and jazz class. We were offered every sport you could think of including field hockey. (Go figure). But most importantly, we had hot lunches made from scratch. My favorite lunch was meatloaf with mashed potatoes and creamed corn. The buns were made fresh right on campus. I tell you something else we had. WE had good grades. THERE WAS NO NEGRO CHILD LEFT BEHIND BECAUSE YOUR BEHIND WAS IN JEOPARDY. So when I read or hear the phrase “ Low performance school” I have to ask. What the hell is that?

It seems to me that Detroit Public Schools are closing due to the poor performance of Engler, Granholm and Snyder, not the students.

But speaking of greedy heartless pimps… Who in the hell is this Betsy Devos? Seems that privatization is gearing our children towards her agenda..

We got our work cut out for us family. So we have to answer the call to action of these three ladies put forth. It’s time to put our heads together to make the appropriate change. It’s time for us to take control of our children’s education. It’s time for a plan of action!

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